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Monday, April 5, 2010

POOCHES IN THE PARK - Bring Your Furry Friend to a Fundraiser for Trooper

For those of you who don't know - there is a very special golden retriever who is calling the Maple Ridge SPCA home. His name is Trooper - and he is the miracle dog. Trooper had been starved, nearly to death by his previous owner. He came to the SPCA weighing only 11 kilograms. (far less than the 30 to 34 kilograms he should have weighed) Trooper's story has touched many across the country - the struggle he endured is reality for a large number of dogs locally, and abroad. It's time for us to give back to our furry friends who can't speak for themselves.

To learn more about Trooper, please visit the Facebook page. (Click Here)
As well, please take the time to sign the petition to have his previous owner charged with Animal Cruelty. (Click Here)

I've decided to put together a photo fundraiser for Trooper, and the Maple Ridge SPCA.
I invite everyone to book a session for their favourite furry friend on Sunday, March 28th 2010.

The session will be held at - Jerry Sulina Park (Which is now an off-leash park!)
It is located at the corner of 132 Avenue and 210 Street in Maple Ridge.

(Click here to see map )

For a minimum donation of $30 you will receive a 15 minute photo session for you and your pooch. You will receive the best 5 high resolution digital images via email after the session is completed. You are free to print, and share these with your friends and family. Every single dollar will go to the BC SPCA.

This event will be weather permitting - if it's raining we will reschedule for April 10th 2010.

Sessions are first come first served, and NEED TO BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE.
To book your time please email me at
(I am at a conference the next few days so email is the best method of contacting me)
Donations can be made in cash or cheque.

The schedule will be as follows:
10am - ****booked****
10:15am – ****booked****
10:30 am - ****booked****
10:45 am - ****booked****
11:00 am - ****booked****
11:15am - ****booked****
11:30 am - ****booked****
11:45 am - ****booked****
12:00 pm - ****booked****
12:15pm - ****booked****
12:30 pm – ****break****
12:45 pm – ****break****
1:00 pm - ****booked****
1:15pm - ****booked****
1:30 pm - ****booked****
1:45 pm -****booked****
2:00 pm - ****booked****
2:15pm - ****booked****
2:30 pm - ****booked****
2:45 pm - ****booked****
3:00 pm - ****booked****
3:15pm - ****booked****
3:30 pm – ****break****
3:45 pm –****break****
4:00 pm -****booked****
4:15pm - ****booked****
4:30 pm - ****booked****
4:45 pm - ****booked****
5:00 pm - ****booked****
5:15pm - ****booked****
5:30 pm - ****booked****
5:45 pm – ****booked****
6:00 pm – ****booked****
6:15 pm – ****booked****
6:30 pm – ****booked****
6:45 pm – ****booked****
7:00 pm – ****booked****

To view a few photos taken at Jerry Sulina park please visit Paisley's Dog Blog at

Double the Fun - Cody & Islay

Selena and I go way back... wayyyyyyyyy back. I've known Selena for almost as long as I have been alive :)

We met somewhere around 1986 or 87. I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement session way back in April 2008, their wedding in June 2008, and family photos in April 2009. It's just so fitting that in March 2010 I had the pleasure of photographing the newest additions to their family - Cody and Islay!

More will come shortly, I promise! :)

Miss Caitlin's Teasers!

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Caitlin and her Mommy and Daddy.
This was the first OF MANY modeling sessions in this young girl's career. She was born to be in front of the camera!

Believe it or not, she didn't even cry once. UNREAL.
Lots of pics to come, but here's a few quick teasers.

Durant Family Teasers

Today was the perfect day for a stroll in the park - With the Durant Family!

I got to meet up with Dylan and Sydney again - WOW have they ever grown since I last saw them in June.

(check out their last photo session here: )
A few teasers from our outing: